Album: Demo 2003 (live version) (2011)

Song: Stupid Lifestyle + Friends

Bitrate: 192kbps

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Formerly known as "Screaming In Sickness" is a hardcore band was formed in Turen (Malang - East Java - Indonesian) in the early of 1999.
Screaming In Sickness was formed by Adi (vocal), Khrisna (guitar), Gun (bass), and Ahmed Lum (drum - ex Homeless). Since after that in the middle of 2004 we decide to change the name of band from Screaming In Sickness being Screamsick 99, then Khrisna decide to quit from this band, we found Aanx to fill in guitar position.
Now this is our line up, we are : Adi (vocal), Aanx (Guitar), Gun (Bass), Ahmed lum (drum), before all of this Aanx known as bass player of "metallic hardcore band" called Workknave and vocal on Holyshit.
We are influenced by a lot of bands, almost all the members listens to a lot of different music and a lot of different bands or individual artist, and their favourite bands. the basic on our musically like Backfire!, Congress, Brath of Despair, Stolen Visions, The path of resistance, sick of it all, earth crisis,etc.
We was recorded our demo songs (live version) in 2003. And released four songs with self release in 2007.